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Playcolor – Mess Free Paints

July 28th, 2016 | Posted by Sam Ireland in Reviews

This week, mum of one, Kelly reviewed Playcolor’s mess free solid poster paint pens.

Bigjigs sent me two packs to try – the Playcolor Pocket and Playcolor Pocket Metallic. I knew they would be an instant hit with us, what can be bad about mess free painting? I loved the selection of colours in the metallic set, especially the gold!


I used the solid paint pens with my 3 year old daughter. They were fun, easy to use and automatically we drawn to the bright vibrant colour which in turn produced a lovely outcome. We tried out the gold metallic pen on black card and loved the results; the gold paint shimmered in the light.

My daughter loved the smooth, easy, bright application and she loved exploring the pens and how they twisted and squished when she pushed the end down. The pens were chunky enough for her to be able to hold easily. They had a really even bright appearance when applied and this stayed once the paint had dried. One thing we did notice was if the pens were applied heavily they took a while to dry but they did not stain or smudge. The pens were easy to wipe off with very little mess. They gave good coverage and I can imagine they would last for a while.


It was great to not have to use water or paint brushes and to just be able to pop the lid back on instead. Meaning, cleaning up was completed in next to no time – always an added bonus! I can see these paint pens being ideal for rainy day activities and an excellent way to encourage active imaginations.

We enjoyed using these tremendously and cannot wait to explore what the rest of the range has to offer.


Playcolor Pocket Metallic RRP £11.99


Playcolor Pocket RRP £7.99



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