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Meet our Play Patrol Agents for 2014

June 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Sam Ireland in Play Patrol

Over 150 applications and several weeks later, we are delighted to introduce our 15 Play Patrol families who will undertake a variety of missions in the near future – ‘Putting Fun to the Test!’

So without further ado, please meet our Play Patrol Agents:


Gifts From the Pirates
Agent Fresh Maker & Rock Rock-15










Secret Codenames: Agent Fresh Maker & Agent Rock Rock

Secret Agent Ability: climbing trees & busting a move

Favourite Toy: Town House & Carpenters Tool Belt

Disguise of Choice: Moustaches



Redhead Babyled

play patrol polaroids-07 play patrol polaroids-09

Secret Codenames: Agent Redhead and Little Man

Secret Agent Ability: Stealth movements to get everywhere without being seen & melting hearts with gorgeous smile

Favourite Toy: Cooking & Roleplay Toys & the Wiggly Worm

Disguise of Choice: Hat & Glasses

101 Distractions from Depression

play patrol polaroids-13

Secret Codenames: Agent Double Oh Will it Go

Secret Agent Ability: Magic – making things disappear (especially food!)

Favourite Toy: High Level Expansion Set & the Play Food

Disguise of Choice: Moustache

Mama Geek

Agent SuperTrain and SuperDucky-16

Secret Codenames: Agent SuperTrain & sidekick SuperDucky

Secret Agent Ability: Super Hi-5-ing

Favourite Toy: Melody Doll & Wooden Bird Whistle

Disguise of Choice: Everyone loves a good Moustache!



The Oliver’s Madhouse

 play patrol polaroids-12










Secret Codename: Agent Joshua Jigs

Secret Agent Ability: Deciphering adult coded conversations

Favourite Toy: Bigjigs Rail

Disguise of Choice: Hat



Family Fever

play patrol polaroids-11 Agent Diva & Striker-17










Secret Codename: Agent Fever, Diva and Striker

Secret Agent Ability: Scaling any shelf, cupboard or drawer to reach food. Oh and did I mention I can fly? Technological whizz kid & sneaker of biscuits into the shopping trolley

Favourite Toy: High Level Expansion Pack – there is something mesmerising about watching the trains whizz down the hill, Bigjigs Dolls & Wooden Construction Set

Disguise of Choice: Hat, Glasses & Moustache



Sussex Mummy

play patrol polaroids-10











Secret Codename: Agent Multi-Tasking Mummy

Secret Agent Ability: Finding Lost Items

Favourite Toy: Any of the Green Toys

Disguise of Choice: Hat



Monsters Fun House

play patrol polaroids-08











Secret Codename: Agent Monster

Secret Agent Ability: Cool under pressure

Favourite Toy: Around the World Train Set

Disguise of Choice: Hat



In the Playroom

play patrol polaroids-06











Secret Codename: Mr R, Mr T and Mr Z

Secret Agent Ability: Super Speed, Mind Reading & Super Calculation Brain

Favourite Toy: Play Cars, King Arthurs Castle & Transportation Train Set

Disguise of Choice: Moustache, Hat and Glasses



Modern Mummy

play patrol polaroids-02











Secret Codename: Agent Twirly

SecretAgent Ability: Eyes in the back of my head, super quick thinking in a sticky situation and can mix a mean martini (shaken, not stirred) after the kids have gone to bed!

Favourite Toy: All wooden play food and kitchen paraphernalia – the birthday cake and cake stand in particular!

Disguise of Choice: Moustache. Always.



Inside the Wendy House

play patrol polaroids-04











Secret Codename: Agent Team Wendy House

Secret Agent Ability: The power to cook up a storm in the kitchen!

Favourite Toy: Bigjigs Rail Heritage Collection

Disguise of Choice: Glasses!



Our IVF Journey: All the fun of living life with twins

play patrol polaroids-03











Secret Codenames: Agents Double Team

Secret Agent Ability: Hiding things never to be seen again!

Favourite Toy: Wooden Safari Animal Building Blocks

Disguise of Choice: Hat every time!



Red Rose Mummy

play patrol polaroids-05











Secret Codenames: LM & Bud

Secret Agent Ability: Incredible climbing & Never forgets anything

Favourite Toy: Nurse Nancy & Bigjigs Rail, especially the engines!

Disguise of Choice: Glasses & Hat



Mother Geek

play patrol polaroids-00 play patrol polaroids-01











Secret Codenames: Agents BatSam & Robyn

Secret Agent Ability: Silent & Surviving without sleep

Favourite Toy: Giant Abacus & City Road & Railway Set

Disguise of Choice: Glasses



Me, The Man & The Baby

agent kiddie toddler and baby-18











Secret Codenames: Agents Kiddie, Toddler and Baby

Secret Agent Ability: Our specialty is hide & seek

Favourite Toy: Agent Kiddie loves his Bigjigs Railway, Agent Toddler adores the Animal Sorter Bus and Agent Baby is yet to discover her favourite!

Disguise of Choice: Moustache



So there they are – all 15 families. We cannot wait to get started – so keep an eye out on their blogs for their first mission!

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