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Lottie just moved in!

January 30th, 2019 | Posted by Jasmin Hayes in Uncategorized

We’re excited to announce that Lottie Dolls have joined the Bigjigs Family.

The dolls tackle and challenge the over-sexualisation of many modern dolls and focus on encouraging and inspiring children to enjoy being kids.

With a huge focus on promoting STEM subjects, the dolls present interests in astronomy, photography, animals, activism, palaeontology and art to name a few. The relatable dolls demonstrate that children can have a whole host of age-appropriate interests and hobbies without aspiring to grow up quickly.  

Lotties Wildlife Photographer Mia doll is the first ever fashion doll to have a cochlear implant.

Created to teach children that some people need help hearing and provide a vital lesson in the normalisation of different abilities. Although Mia’s cochlear implant was the first of it’s kind it isn’t a defining feature for the doll. Mia is all about encouraging children to take an interest in nature and wildlife.

Lottie teamed up the Tim Peak and sent the first ever doll to space in December 2015, Stargazer Lottie spent 264 days aboard the International Space Station. Lottie’s ‘Astro Adventures’ set was inspired by 13-year-old Taylor who plays a vital part in her community through volunteering and fundraising.

The Lottie range is available on the Bigjigs® Toys website now.

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